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What's New?
5 November 2004: This update has been long overdue! Mr Bill's fulltime job as a Combat Photographer has kept him busy the last few years, but he has managed to sneak in a few minor (and unannounced) updates since the last one in January 2003.
     One (yes, just one) new artist page: Suburban Lawns.
     More artists will be added very soon in celebration of I.R.S. Records' 25th Anniversary along with some other very exciting news! Stand by!
     Sadly, the I.R.S. Memorial Page, continues to grow.
Previous updates can be read at the What's New Archive.
I.R.S. Corner Discussion Forum
Questions, Answers, Stupid comments and Discussions about your favorite I.R.S. artists.
The I.R.S. Artist Roster
A complete list of every artist who ever appeared on any I.R.S. Record (well, okay -- it's still growing, but it is pretty darn complete)! Each artist name will link you to their bio and I.R.S. discography as well as other associated links.
The I.R.S. Records Story
Part Three coming soon!!! Learn the amazing history of I.R.S. Records! Learn how the little label grew from the laughing stock of the A&M lot into a platinum powerhouse! Learn how the Copeland Brothers Troika ruled the New Wave era! Learn how the I.R.S. team got right in the face of "music censorship witch" Tipper Gore! Learn how a young college whipper-snapper rose from I.R.S. second fiddle to become head honcho of MCA music! And learn how it all ended in the mid-90s and from its ashes arose Ark21!
I.R.S. Corner Memorial Page
Tributes to those I.R.S. artists and personnel who've moved on to that "Great Band In The Sky." Send your thoughts on these musical geniuses via e-mail and I'll add those comments deemed appropriate in future updates...
I.R.S.'s A&M Era Discography
A numerical listing of every record in every IRS number series! Essential for the completist! Click on an artist's name to go to their bio and discography.
I.R.S.'s MCA Era Discography
Our list of the MCA Era is still under construction but many of the artists will be found in the Artist Roster. Check back every month as we expand!
I.R.S.'s Indy/Cema Era Discography
Our list of the Indy/Cema Era is still under construction but many of the artists will be found in the Artist Roster. Check back every month as we expand!
Faulty Products Discography
The imprint of I.R.S. that resulted from signing The Dead Kennedys! Parent label A&M, still burning from their Sex Pistols fiasco, wanted no part of Jello Biafra's controversial band. Hard core punk, music with an edge, and extremely uncommercial I.R.S. acts (with a few exceptions) were relegated to Faulty Products... Watch for this Discography to grow and check back every month as we expand! (Hey! Is there an echo in here?)
I.R.S. Media Film/Video Releases
Coming Soon!!! A listing of theatrical and video releases from the media arm of the mighty I.R.S. Empire.
E-Mail Us!!!
Is there an error or something missing on one of our pages? Want to contribute your own review of an I.R.S. Record? Found a new link for an I.R.S. artist? We're still looking for data on some of the MCA and Indy/Cema era records. If your info is used you will get a courtesy credit and our eternal thanks! For Record or CD scans (you may have noticed we are missing a few) and other stuff, drop us a line and we'll e-ya the essentials!
I.R.S. Corner FAQs
Before you demand we reissue your favorite I.R.S. release or ask us where to send your band's demo READ THIS! The main thing to remember -- this is NOT an official website -- it is a fan site, created and maintained through the love, blood, sweat and tears of a die-hard IRS fanatic!
About Mr Bill
No, I'm not a Copeland nor am I a former I.R.S. Staffer. I'm just a fan of great music with an extensive collection of vinyl, tape and acrylic encased foil (CDs). But if that's not good enough for you, you can learn all about boring, anal-retentive, techno-dork, video-geek, sailor-boy me right here!
Mr Bill's Favorite Links
A list of links to Mr Bill's favorite websites. Music, Radio, Science Fiction and just plain weird stuff...

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